Our mission

To provide a powerful, intuitive service that people love using and that benefits companies, their employees, and the environment.

GPS Police at Buildex trade show, Vancouver, BC

About us

GPS Police, Inc. was incorporated in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2003. Since then, our fleet management systems have helped companies across Canada and the United States become more secure, safer and more profitable. We sell to oil and gas, well services, contractors, transport, law enforcement, municipalities and other government agencies. Because we care about quality and reliability, we take responsibility for every aspect of our business. This also means that, when you buy our product, use our service, or call us with a question, you always speak directly with us.

Capable. Our products operate on the Telus 3G and AT&T 3G networks seamlessly without roaming fees. All operations and data centre are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our data centre features secure co-located backup, geographically redundant servers and carrier-grade power backup.

Compatible. Our vehicle tracking and fleet management website works from any computer or smart phone with Internet access. There is no software to install. Our tracking devices install into any vehicle.

Powerful. Our fleet management system is the fastest and most sophisticated on the market. Real-time reports spanning millions of records display in less than 0.01 seconds. Our customers have direct access to our software and hardware engineers – employed by GPS Police Inc. and located in Calgary, AB.

Responsible. We are privately-owned, profitable and debt-free. Fiscally responsible management has resulted in steady growth and the highest customer retention rate of any company in our industry in Canada.

Compliant. Our products and services meet or exceed requirements from: department of transportation, international fuel tax agreement, correctional institutions, municipal, state and federal government as well as commercial insurance.

Reliable. Our tracking devices carry lifetime warranty at no extra cost and are FCC, PTCRB, e1 and CE certified. They are future-friendly, with firmware and features upgradable over-the-air. Our system is a high-availability web service, with an average annual uptime of 99.95%.

Secure. Our websites use 256-bit SSL encryption and we meet the highest PCI compliance available.

Customer-friendly. Our policies and processes make being a customer simple, easy and risk-free. Our staff are eager to assist in any way possible to make sure customers get the most from HQ.

What customers say

“With vehicle tracking, we're doing more jobs.”

“Speeding is no longer an issue.”

“The LSD routing and coordinates have helped us out tremendously.”

“It cuts down on the goof-offs. Thanks.”

“I like the new features, especially HQ for iPhone — awesome.”

“GPS Police tracking keeps everybody honest and working hard.”

“The vehicle tracking from GPS Police has paid for itself 10 times over.”

“I've been looking for this type of thing, at the right price, for a long time.”

“Even while getting more jobs done, our fuel costs have dropped 15%.”

“Vehicle tracking has already prevented one of our dump trucks from being stolen.”

“Tracking our vehicles is not just a cost-saver, we're actually making more money.”

“I was very happy when I made a suggestion to mileage reporting and you guys (GPS Police) made it happen. I'm a customer for life.”

“It's reassuring knowing that there's no moonlighting going on — the GPS Police tracking ensures our guys are always working for the company.”

“This product is AWESOME! Really great... my head already hurts less in dealing with day to day operations / bootlegging / mileage claims / etc.”

“In the first week of installing the first tracking device, we discovered an employee running his own business on the side with our vehicle and tools.”

“One of our guys finished a job early, and didn't book out—he went to his friend's house for the afternoon while still on the clock. GPS tracking has provided us reports with exact time and location of all our vans. Without GPS Police, we would never have found out.”

“Tracking has cut our per vehicle costs by $200-$300 per month — we suspect its simply eliminating off-hours usage and side-trips. In any case, the result is profits are up, and our customers are happier because our guys are more punctual and are getting the jobs done quicker.”

The GPS Police advantage.

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