Fleet management is easy.

GPS vehicle tracking for any fleet.

Link GPS vehicle tracking works with any vehicle

Powerful GPS tracking.

Manage your fleet — from any computer, tablet or smart phone — with these great features: Tracking Maps Dispatch Dashboard Reports Alerts Maintenance HQ mobile Driver Logbook HQ share

Track your vehicles from any smart phone, tablet (iPad) or computer

Fleet tracking is good for business.

Vehicle tracking improves the safety, security and productivity of your fleet:

  • Drivers no longer speed. Result? Improved safety, no speeding tickets, less vehicle wear-and-tear, lower fuel consumption.
  • With driver accountability comes responsible behaviour.
GPS vehicle tracking improves security, safety and productivity for commercial fleets

Simple pricing.

Choose the airtime plan for each vehicle you wish to track. Needs change? Switch plans at no cost.

  • No contracts or activation fees
  • Flat rate — no overage or roaming fees
  • Change airtime plans at anytime, at no cost


From $15/month
per vehicle


From $25/month
per vehicle


From $40/month
per vehicle

GPS Police in the news.

Over the years, GPS Police has recovered stolen vehicles and equipment, broken up crime rings — even reunited a dog with its owner. Watch the newscasts, see how our gps tracking system saved the day.

CBC newscast: Stolen skidskeer recovered in 40 minutes