We make fleets safe,
secure and efficient.

We make fleets safe,
secure and efficient.


Tracking vehicle activity improves driver behaviour. Just as visible security cameras reduce crime, GPS tracking in company vehicles makes for better drivers: Fewer occurrences of speeding, hard braking, hard acceleration and sharp turns leads to fewer speeding tickets, fewer accidents, and lower maintenance and insurance costs. A safe fleet is a profitable fleet.

HQ real-time vehicle tracking


Real-time tracking makes fleets secure. Our Alerts feature protects your vehicles from possible theft, thereby avoiding costly downtime and lengthy insurance claims. Alerts likewise eliminates unauthorized usage, side-jobs and moonlighting, ensuring your fleet always works for you — and only you. A secure fleet is profitable fleet.

Possible theft notification


Fleet management improves operational efficiency. Our Maintenance feature automatically notifies your mechanic when vehicles need an oil change, safety inspection, or any scheduled service — guaranteeing service is performed on-schedule. Our Dispatch feature makes it easy to locate and notify the closest driver to a job, thereby saving time and fuel. Our fleet management software flags inefficient vehicles — those with incidents of speeding, excessive idling, hard accleration and hard braking. This lets you identify and correct inefficient driving, thereby reducing fuel and maintenance costs. Studies show that, for fuel alone, fleet management yields average savings of 15% per vehicle. An efficient fleet is a profitable fleet.

Automated fleet maintenance

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