What customers say.

“This product is AWESOME! Really great... my head already hurts less in dealing with day to day operations/bootlegging/mileage claims/etc.”

“Even while getting more jobs done, our fuel costs have dropped 15%.”

“Vehicle tracking has already prevented one of our dump trucks from being stolen.”

“The proof-of-work that Reports gives us is so valuable — if there's ever a question from a customer concerning an invoice, we just email him a report from HQ and it's cleared up immediately.”

“Tracking our vehicles is not just a cost-saver, we're actually making more money.”

“I like the new features, especially HQ for iPhone — awesome.”

“GPS Police tracking keeps everybody honest and working hard.”

“Tracking has cut our per vehicle costs by $200-$300 per month — we suspect its simply eliminating off-hours usage and side-trips. In any case, the result is profits are up, and our customers are happier because our guys are more punctual and are getting the jobs done quicker.”

“It's reassuring knowing that there's no moonlighting going on — the GPS Police tracking ensures our guys are always working for the company.”

“With vehicle tracking, we're doing more jobs.”

“Speeding is no longer an issue.”

“The vehicle tracking from GPS Police has paid for itself 10 times over.”

“In the first week of installing the first tracking device, we discovered an employee running his own business on the side with our vehicle and tools.”

“One of our guys finished a job early, and didn't book out—he went to his friend's house for the afternoon while still on the clock. GPS tracking has provided us reports with exact time and location of all our vans. Without GPS Police, we would never have found out.”

“I've been looking for this type of thing, at the right price, for a long time.”

“I was very happy when I made a suggestion to mileage reporting and you guys (GPS Police) made it happen. I'm a customer for life.”

“It cuts down on the goof-offs. Thanks.”

“The LSD routing and coordinates have helped us out tremendously.”