The Big Picture.

The big picture

Why track your fleet?

Reduce costs

When companies adopt vehicle tracking, fleet operating costs drop. Why: Tracking brings accountability, which improves driver behaviour, reduces labour costs (lateness, overbilling) and retains revenue otherwise lost to side-jobs or moonlighting. When vehicles are not used off-hours, wear-and-tear, maintenance and fuel costs decrease.

Increase safety

With vehicle tracking, the issue of speeding — during work-hours or off-hours — disappears. Our system retains a permanent historical record of vehicle activity, which contributes to good driving behaviour.

Simplify communication

Our fleet management software lets you text or call drivers with one-click from your computer or phone. Messages sent to drivers are saved in the system for everyone in the office to see. This keeps everyone aware of communication between the office and the field.

Improve productivity

With vehicle tracking, drivers are more punctual. Jobs are started and completed on-time. You always know where your vehicles are, where they were, and for how long. In the event of a dispute, vehicle tracking provides irrefutable proof-of-work.

Good for the environment

Fleet tracking reduces speeding, excessive idling and unnecessary vehicle usage — thereby reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Case studies report an average fuel savings of 15% per vehicle. With vehicle tracking, what's good for business is also good for the environment.

Why choose GPS Police?


GPS Police is the developer and operator of the network data centre to which our tracking devices report ( All operations are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our data centre features secure co-located backup, geographically redundant servers and carrier-grade power backup.


Our vehicle tracking and fleet management software works from any computer or smart phone with Internet access. There is no software to install. Our LINK tracking devices install into any vehicle.


Our fleet management system is the fastest and most sophisticated on the market. Real-time reports spanning millions of records display in less than 0.01 seconds. Our customers have direct access to our software and hardware engineers.


GPS Police is privately-owned, profitable and debt-free. Fiscally responsible management has resulted in steady growth and the highest customer retention rate in Canada.


Our tracking devices are manufactured in Germany and are FCC-, PTCRB-, e1- and CE-certified. They are future-friendly, with firmware upgradable over-the-air. Our system is a high-availability web service, with an average annual uptime of 99.95%.


Our policies and processes make being a customer simple, easy and risk-free:

  • No activation or roaming fees
  • No overage fees — unlimited vehicle activity
  • No user limit — add as many users as you like
  • Unlimited usage 24/7
  • Vehicle data is stored for five years
  • No data lock-in — export/download activity at any time
  • No contracts — cancel or suspend at anytime
  • Change airtime plans at anytime, at no cost
  • Free online support chat 24/7/365
  • Simple to use: works on any computer or smart phone
  • Equipment is installs into any vehicle or heavy equipment
  • Lifetime warranty available